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BALTIMORE, April 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Baltimore born Artichoke announced an online public offering on the California based Start Engine platform as part of a new twist in the landscape of growth funding for early stage companies.

Unlike crowdfunding campaigns which simple offer some type of early product shipment or discount (Kickstarter) , this public offering gives investors of all income levels the chance to own a part of the company.

According to Artichoke CEO and Founder, Justin Shelby, “the 2016 Jobs Act opened the doors for non accredited investors to participate in the funding of early stage companies as part of the democratization of capital markets. Opportunities once reserved only for the wealthy, well connected investors, are now available to every investor.”

Artichoke is an all-in-one business platform for small teams and solo users in appointment-based businesses which provides a combination of features required to get set up and earning quickly. The core features combine payments, online scheduling, client reviews, a web site, client data, notifications, and marketing automations into one simple platform, eliminating the need to operate with a tangled mess of individual business apps.

The Artichoke public offering details can be seen on this page:

Video explaining the Artichoke Offering

Relevant Facts:
Artichoke was founded and nurtured in the emerging Baltimore tech ecosystem just a few miles north of the already hot tech ecosystem in DC. Notable investors in Artichoke include co-founder and former CEO of Millenial Media, Paul Palmieri and former Bessemer Ventures VC Glenn Falcao.

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