Price Busters Discount Furniture: Giving Back to our Communities

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Price Busters announces initiative to donate furniture to a good cause.


This week, a spokesman for Price Busters Discount Furniture announced a special initiative by the Baltimore area chain to donate furniture to a lucky recipient within the community. A special poll has been set up at for people to nominate any institution, such as a school, church, shelter or family, they deem worthy to receive the prize.

In a statement, the CEO of the company explained that, “Price Busters takes great pride in being a part of the amazing Baltimore community for many years, and we want to show our appreciation by giving back in the best way we know how.” He explained that giving away furniture to a worthy cause is something he has been thinking about for a while now, but with so many deserving institutions in the community, it’s been hard to choose a recipient. To that end, Price Busters decided to leave the decision to the experts: the very people who call the Baltimore area home.

In a pop-up poll at, people have the opportunity to nominate anyone they wish, along with a short note on why they believe their nominee should win. “Ideally, our winner will be someone who stands out for the service they provide to our community, or an individual or family that has a compelling reason for needing the prize,” the spokesman stated, “We trust that our friends and customers can narrow that list for us because they know the community best!”

Price Busters Discount Furniture Stores offer great quality furniture at discount prices and have been a part of the Baltimore community for over 10 years.

To nominate someone, visit and take part in the on-line poll.

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